Geopacific provides complete geotechnical
and construction monitoring services
GeoPacific provides complete geotechnical design and construction monitoring services for projects varying in size and complexity. Experience working on site with contractors, helping them identify and resolve construction problems, is key to our success in engineering effective and constructible designs. Geotechnical engineering services offered by GeoPacific include:

   -Subsurface Stormwater Disposal
   -Geotechnical Investigations
   -Foundation Engineering
   -Shoring Design & Review
   -Retaining Wall Design
   -Seismic & Liquefaction Analyses
   -Hydrogeologic Investigations
   -Slope Stability Evaluations
   -Forensic Engineering
   -Expert Testimony
   -Geotechnical Instrumentation

Geotechnical Consulting Services
GeoPacific staff members have provided geotechnical consulting services for small and large civil projects involving the design and construction of:
   -Residential Developments
   -Commercial Buildings
   -High-rise/Mid-rise Buildings
   -Waterfront Structures
   -Roads & Pavements
   -Waste Water Treatment 
     Plants and Water Tanks
-Pipelines & Pump Stations
-Landslide Evaluation
-Directional Drilling
Construction Monitoring Services
GeoPacific has skilled technicians and geologists that provide geotechnical monitoring services during site earthwork and foundation construction. Most jurisdictions require that these services are performed to verify that site and foundation construction conforms to the project specifications and building permit requirements. Our services are particularly valued for providing cost-effective solutions and engineering input in response to challenging and /or unanticipated conditions. We provide monitoring services for:
   -Subgrade Bearing Verification
   -Subsurface Drainage Installation
   -Shoring Installation
   -Geotechnical Instrumentation
     Installation & Monitoring
-Fill Placement & Compaction Monitoring
-Pile Foundation Installation (driven & drilled)
-Drywell Performance Testing
GeoEnvironmental Services
GeoPacific has expertise in providing geoenvironmental services on projects, to assist clients during property acquisition, or to evaluate/remediate potential environmental problems on existing facilities. Our services include:
   -Phase 1 Environmental Site
      Assessments (ESA’s)
   -Phase 2 Site Investigation
   -Site Restoration & Remediation
-Soil & Groundwater Investigation
-Asbestos Assessment
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